Tips and tricks for nail caring

If you have weak or fragile nails and you don’t know how to take care of your fingernails or don’t know how to shape them to make them shinny, don’t worry I got you.

Here in this article I am giving you quick tips to follow, nothing complex and won’t take you any time.


You will find me talking a lot about scrubbing, but believe me its magical in the short or the long term. It gets rid of dry skin and makes your hand softer and lighter in the color and in the long term it makes your hand look younger.


If you have fragile nails or a bad looking nails you probably don’t know how important it is to moisturize you nails and hands. Always moisturize your hand with a good moisturizer of yours and don’t forget to moisturize the area around your nails (cuticles) and massage it to soak the moisturizer. There are some moisturizers that are good for fingernails as well if you found it follow the same technique we used for the cuticles. Go find you a good nail food/ nail oil rich with vitamins use it for nails and cuticles also by massaging technique we mentioned before. If you need something easier use ½ lemons and squeeze it on your fingernails before going to bed and by time it will harden them and helps in getting rid of any yellowish looking on the nails.

Shape your nails

The most important thing here is to use the nail file only in one direction not in a back and forth motion.

Nail Buffer

The nail buffer gives a polished look for the natural nails and it also removes any yellow discoloration might be caused but it will weaken your nails if you got too hard with it so be careful when using it.


Always take a good care of them because if they looked good your whole hand will look good. Some people use a cuticle trimmer to push them away a little to make the nails appear more longer but if they are moisturized and a healthy looking I don’t mind leaving them, but don’t you ever try to remove them by these cuticle nipper things cause these cuticles are anti-bacterial and removing them make the nails exposed more to bacteria and it is so harmful.

Nail tools

Always get sure that all your tools are clean and don’t share them with anyone of course.

Base coat

When it comes to add nail polish you have to apply a base coat before. Base coat prevents any yellowish looking might be caused by dark color nail polishes so it protects your natural nails and keeps them looking pretty.

Top coat

Last but not least after applying any nail polish apply a top coat to seal in your nail polish and add a beautiful shine and you will get the salon result at your home by your own tools.

About the guest writer;

This article was written by fashion blogger Shrouk Mouhammad.