Tips to Prevent Your Snowflake Necklace from Damage

Your gold snowflake necklace or other gold snowflake ornaments are prone to several damages including chemical damages, cosmetic damage, scratch damage, damage from impact and damages due to air, water, light, heat and other elements.

You cannot ignore the possibility of jewelry hazards. It might fall down drain pipes, get broken, or even stained. Every kind of weather brings some unique challenges. In this article, we bring you 11 tips for avoiding jewelry damages so you can enjoy your favorite jewelry this Christmas without having to replace it.

Followthese to preserve the sparkling and shining looks of your gold snow flakenecklace for the Christmas party.          

Remove Jewelry before Swimming

Not only when swimming, when you are involved in some strenuous activities, do not forget to remove your necklace or any other jewelry you are wearing. Chlorine and salt water can damage your gold snowflake necklace or any otherpiece of jewelry. Sweat is not good for sterling silver.      

Remove Jewelry before Applying Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Some sprays and lotions can give your jewelry a dull appearance by creating a film on the jewelry. These lotions are likely to get into the crevices of prongs and chains. 

Protect From Direct Sunlight

Natural elements and some other materials can be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight.  

Protect From Cold Water

Your fingers will shrink in cool temperatures. Make sure that your ring does not slip off. So, be careful with cold water.

Remove Jewelry before Going into a Swimming Pool/Hot Tub

Gold and platinum are the metals susceptible to chlorine. This can cause discoloration and damage the jewelry. This will erode the finish. Chlorine can also damage the polish of gemstones.  

Remove Jewelry before Gardening

Small rocks often found in the garden are often very abrasive. Sand and these small rocks can cause permanent damage if you are not cleaning your jewelry right away. Also be careful when you are wearing gardening gloves. 

Clean Regularly

Clean your jewelry on a regular basis. Body oils and sweat can damage the shineof your gold snowflake necklaceor other gold snowflake ornaments.

Store Your Jewelry in the Right Way

Always keep your gold jewelry in a clean and dry place. Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined case. In case you don’t have this jewelry case, you can use a box having compartments to prevent jewelry from scratches. Keep your jewelry in asafe place.  

Check Signs of Vulnerabilities

Always look for signs of vulnerabilities. For example, if you find that stones of your necklace, bracelet or earrings are loosened, consider it a red flag.

Visit a Jeweler When You Find LooseStones

Let a jeweler see these loose clasps, prongs, and gemstones. You can very easily losea loose stone or any other part of the jewelry. Check your jewelry regularly and see a jeweler for check-ups. The jeweler can fix the loose tones.

Get Your Jeweler Insured

Jewelry insurance will give you peace of mind as it is protected.

If yoursnowflake necklace is sparkling and shining, you can skip buying new jewelrythis Christmas. In case it is too late, there are many online jewelry stores offering amazing Christmas discounts on gold snowflake necklace and gold snowflake ornaments.

Visit one of these online stores and buy a new gold snowflake necklace to celebrate the festival.

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This article was written by Garry