Top reasons to use oil for your hair and skin routine

When looking for new ingredients to use in your hair and skin care routine, it is important to look for natural products. Olive oil is one such product, and is also extremely cheap, multifunctional, and has many beneficial effects for the health of the skin and hair.

  1. Olive oil can be used as skin moisturizer

All of us would like to have a cheap, convenient skin moisturizer on hand at all times, to help prevent all the unpleasantness of dry skin. The good news is something as simple as olive oil is the perfect example for such a product. The light texture of olive oil makes it ideal for moisturizing your skin, as it creates a non-sticky layer on the face. It is also known for lasting a longer time, and it suits all types of skin.

When using olive oil on your skin, you should be careful what type you choose, as not all of them have the same benefits. You should always opt for organic, extra-virgin olive oil, but you can also choose the extra virgin variant of other oils such as lavender, almond and grapeseed oil. All of these oils contain Vitamin E, which is essential in skin care. It is also well known that Vitamin E helps prevent and cure skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

  • You can clean your make-up with Olive oil

Olive oil really is incredibly versatile when it comes to skin care routines. Another use for virgin olive oil is removing make-up easily and way cheaper than by using market brands. It is incredibly useful, as it does not harm your skin, and it is a natural product. Many specialists recommend using natural products on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin, and are prone to suffering from blisters and rashes. These affections can stem from simply changing your skin care products, so it is best to stick to just one natural product such as olive oil.

When using olive oil to clean your make-up, it is as easy as simply dipping a couple of cotton balls in olive oil, and rubbing them all over the target places on your face. You can always also use moist cotton pads dipped in a bit of olive oil. Using this method helps not only clean the make-up, but also soften the skin around the eyes.

  • Olive oil keeps the hair healthy

Olive oil can also work wonders on the hair, not just the skin. If you wish to incorporate it into your hair routine, simply apply a small amount daily on your hair and scalp. This will moisten the hair, as well as add some lustre and shine. It is important to remember to only add a little bit at the time, as too much can have unpleasant effects.

Another thing to keep in mind is using only extra virgin olive oil. The way it is made guarantees that it retained more natural vitamins and minerals from olives; making it healthier and better for your hair care.

When washing your hair, you can also use olive oil by adding some to your conditioner: this will amplify the hair softening properties in the conditioner and really help your hair.

  • Olive oil has anti-aging properties

Another way to use olive oil in your skin is as an anti-aging product. With a simple mixture between olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt, you can help prevent wrinkles and other skin conditions caused by old age.

All you need to do is massage your face with a small quantity of olive oil, then use the sea salt and olive oil mixture as an exfoliate for your skin. The lemon juice is added for an extra fresh feeling. Once you have done this, continue rubbing the mixture on every area of your face that feels dry, rough, or has wrinkles.

  • Olive oil can heal cracked heels

Olive oil can also be an excellent exfoliates for your cracked heels. All you need to do is use hot lemon water and rub your feet with a combination of that and olive oil, to grant moisture and smoothness to the skin of the heel. Afterwards, put on some comfy socks to make sure the mixture gets absorbed into the skin.

Olive oil really is incredibly multifunctional, and adding some to your day to day routine can have some great effects for your hair and skin.

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