Top Thrifty Shopping Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Whether it is holiday time or changing seasons, people need to shop for clothes and accessories to look good and comfortable. Fashion lovers have an unparalleled affinity towards clothing. Many a time it affects their monthly budget drastically and so it becomes very important to keep an eye on spending and stay thrifty. So to help you out, here I am with some amazing tips that you should apply to save money while shopping.

  1. Go for mix and match. Choose the separates in some basic colors. Make sure you have one that matches the color of your hair. So if you have black hair, go for a black one, if you are blonde, go for beige one and like that. You can even have them in colors like khaki, navy, brown, white, etc. and then build up the wardrobe with other essentials that go with this color.
  1. Choose belts and shoes that match your hair color. This will make you look putting together while giving a stylish touch to your personality. To add some splash of colors, you can go for belts and shoes in bright green, turquoise, yellow, red or blue. Just be sure you have some matching pieces for the same in your wardrobe.
  1. Go through the wardrobe and check for items you miss in there. Now look for the clothes that are worn out and old and can’t be used any more. Make a list of these items and plan out your shopping. Make sure you never opt for impulse shopping as you may end up buying more.
  1. Spend on style and not on trends. Trends come and go and so spending money on them is not justifying especially when you are looking for thrifty ways to shop. If you are attracted towards a trend, better look for options at the local store than going for the designer version.
  1. Buy designer pieces at the sale. Most of the designer stores give away sales during the month of July and August, January and February. If you have a liking for a particular brand keeps on checking for their sales during this time of the year. You are sure to get a better deal. To be precise, you can join the newsletter or check the coupon websites for deals.
  1. Be ready for the occasion. Whether it is a wedding or a party, shopping for it on the last minute will not yield you a better deal. Most of the time you will have to take the deal that comes your way which may not fit your budget.
  1. Save and splurge wisely. There are certain items that you wear frequently and define your class too. So for the same reason, spend well on them and buy quality pieces. There are certain items which you will not need for years like the dress, t-shirt, socks, etc. So make sure you save money while buying them. In short, spend money on the clothes you will wear a lot or need year after year.
  1. Only buy clothes that can be hand-washed. If you opt for clothes that need to be dry cleaned, you will be spending money on it every now and then to keep it clean.
  1. Update your style by adding necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves to your attire. This will help you get a fresh look for the clothes too.
  1. Take a moment to know your style. Certain pieces of clothes will not look good on you. Similarly, some of the colors won’t suit you too. So take your time to know what suit you and what not. This will help you save time while shopping as well as save you from choosing wrong pieces.

It really feels good to shop and buy clothes. But there is no meaning in buying something that you will not wear. It can be only the waste of your money and time. So follow these tips and shop frugally while keeping your fashion quotient high.

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