Tory Bursh fashion handbags and shoes


The American Tory bursh logo entered the luxury handbags world in February 2004, where Tory Bursh opened her first fashion boutique in Saks Fifth street; her flagship store is in the NoLIta region of Manhattan. At first the boutique specializing in sunglasses, clothing and also the boutique include luxury handbags made ​​from natural leather with precision and craftsmanship, which distinguish the American Products.

Tory bursh boutique rely on American culture traditions where woman can feel the handmade touch and craftsmanship which characterized their handbags, some of their elements may inoculated with contemporary designs that is far from complexities. Tory Bursh handbags colors attract modern women because the handbags featuring large sizes which suited the practical and trendy women.

Tory bursh boutiques always use the natural leather when creating handbags and boots, that’s why they look so elegant and chic. Tory bursh products posed and entered the Middle East market from few years ago and they gain a huge popularity among women. .

Tory bursh fashion products known for printed colors, classified details and as well the prêt-à-porter clothing. Shoes and handbags are the most popular accessories in Tory burch boutiques.

There are more than 100 boutiques by Tory Burch across North America, Europe and the Middle East. Tory bursh products are presented at over 1,000 branch and subjected stores worldwide.


Tory burch tan shoulder bag and flat shoes

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