Veil by Riham Farouk summer collection


Art, modernism and modesty; once you see the new spring and summer collection by Riham Farouk woman will find variety in designs and in styles. New fashionable ideas away from the traditional designs; new colors have emerged in this stylish collection for the new season.

As we can see from this collection; the white color was the concept color among these models, which is on fashion trend every season. The designs created in movable simple style which gives more comfortable feeling to the one who wear it.

That’s what characterized the latest spring and summer collection by Riham Farouk for 2014.

The designs are no longer straight and drop down over the body but as we see several models appeared with crumbs and folds of different lengths and a variety of springy colors. The designs presented in new different cuts to give the designs new significant touch.

Riham Farouk designs suited various body types as they suited the plus size women and covered their flaws and also the designs are appropriate with the slim and graceful bodies and gave them length and elegance.

Designer Riham Farouk has succeeded in attracting the modern women with her trendy designs, Ladies and girls love her designs because they are modest and trendy at the same time. Riham Farouk designs always keeping up with the current time, in addition, these designs give comfort and simplicity to the one who wear it. Enjoy the new collection by Riham Farouk for spring and summer season.



Their addresses in Egypt and Alexandria

CITY STARS: 4th floor phase2, beside Beano’s cafe, shop NO.4140- Tel: 0184554050
Heliopolis: Behind 4 el Horreya st, Tel: 02/24152215
Mohandessin: 2 Osman Ebn Afan street Gezerit el Arab –

Tel; 02/33031192

 El Rehab branch; Mall (2), 2nd Floor beside print shop

 Tel; 02/26930702
Alexandria: Green plaza – Ground floor- Tel; 01210059551

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    الأخت الفاضلة ريهام فاروق
    كل عام وانت بخير .. أعجبتني تصاميم الملابس الخاصة بالحجاب وموديلات الثياب المعروضة وأرغب في التعامل معكم مباشرة وعمل طلبيات خاصه .. فهل هذا ممكن ؟
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