Vintage Sunglasses trends

It doesn’t have to be a blazing sun that would entice you to take care of your eyes and not overlook the necessity of wearing your sunnies. And by way of encouragement, sunglasses are often times more than enough for accessorizing that immensely complement all outfit themes.

From circular to square, vintage to modern, or neutral to bright colored shades, trendy sunglasses have grown tremendously versatile.

A 90s-inspired slim and tiny frames trend is a favorite of many celebrities. These styles that are in fact impractical when it comes to UV protection have been spotted repeatedly for both casual and red carpet outfits. A pair of cat’s meow shades in black or brown adds a sophisticated twist to a simple outfit.

Go vintage with clean and slightly upswept silhouette shades of dark lenses. For even a more dramatic look, opt for a classic cat-eye shape with pointed ends in light colored lenses. A pair of on-trend hypoallergenic tiny frames is definitely the super cool accessory that works wonders with the simplest of clothing combos. 

Transform your appearance immediately rocking the popular, flashy and daring mirror shades. They are available in stylish colored lenses of blue, pink and yellow that work as a mood-uplifting overall air. Or go out in classy gold themed mirror styles to illuminate your face. 

Clear and translucent sunglasses are a calm, collected and subtle trending take which are as fashion forward as the other bolder colorful counterparts. Transparent marble cream tortoise shades with neutral coloring lenses would work for all face shapes and outfits.

This year’s eyewear trends are in favor of strong geometric frames that are available in many looks for each and every face shape. Stand out in round transparent sunglasses or sleek rectangular.

 Square shades are your thing whenever you’re in mood for going out in a relaxed morning. Test-drive firm square firm shades in light pale blue lenses and enjoy the flattering attention wherever you go.

Up your game with these most current shades trends, pick your favorite and look super cool for your next Instagram morning feed. 

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.