What do women’s watch dials tell about their persona?

Gone are the days when a stunning, big watch dial only got equated with a man’s accessories! Women today are stepping on to different worlds and are evolving in fashion as well. Hence, it’s natural to find women opting in for multiple kinds of watch dials that they want to sport.

The online world is replete with watch brands that showcase stylish watches. You can choose from an Emporio Armani Watch to any other variant that you want. However, every watch type and dial reveals a women’s persona. The following pointers can help you know yours:

  1. The square dial

Usually, women sporting a square watch dial are career-driven! They also love to wear men’s watch dials but customized to their wrist size. Today, you can check out the various square watch dials that come in multiple sizes. The chunky and elaborate dials steal your glance instantly. On the other hand, the medium-sized square dials are slightly more subdued and have a sober and subtle look about it. If you are someone bold and love to make your choices and opinions heard, then this watch dial will compliment your persona.

  • The rectangle watch dial

Are you someone who loves to dress in a classic, vintage style? Do you like solid colors, minimal make-up, and high-end leather accessories? If yes, then a rectangle watch dial is the best option for you. Most women love rectangle dials with Roman numeric that denote the hours. Rectangle watch dials with metal straps reflect maturity and wisdom. On the other hand, the same dial with a leather watch strap reflects hard-work and intelligence. You have variants for both that you can choose based on the watch dial and your wrist size.

  • The round dials

The round dials are the most common watch dials! Today, several unisex watch dials come with a round dial. Hence, women who love to sport round watch dials are easier going and flexible. They are enthusiastic about life and carry a happy-go-lucky vibe. The small round watch was popular decades back. Today, women who love to sport round dials usually choose the big dials, which look sporty. Some of the women’s statement-making watches come in round dials as well. There are watch brands that design round watch dials by imprinting words and phrases inside them to add to the appeal.

  • The oval dial

Women, who love to sport a feminine persona and attire, love an oval dial! These dials look delicate and mostly worn by women who have a petite body shape. Also, these women love to sport more frilly summer dresses and pumps. Concerning their nature, they are usually soft-spoken, reserved, shy, and creative. The oval dials today are available in various patterns. You can choose from the gold, silver, and rose-gold plated ones as well. You can select a dial that has a matte and subtle finish, as well.

These are the four popular watch dials that women opt-in for! Do you resonate with any of the personalities? If yes, that’s a sign to opt-in for the concerned watch dial today.

Author bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She helps marketers to achieve better results.