What to wear as a hijabi traveler

Traveling is so fun; it brings happiness, excitement, new friends, learning different habits and lots of experiences. Try to travel once a year at least, travels alone or with your family, both ways you are going to spent a lot of fun and you will change your entire mood. When traveling as a hijabi you have to consider some important tips to bring you safe and comfy traveling hours.

Picking the right items while traveling will give you more comfort and safe to your whole look. Try to be light weight; pick light weight items to wear, do not wear chunky sweaters or huge coats, just a long trench coat will be perfect with a neutral tee-shirt and jeans.

That’s because you may take many hours during traveling by plane or by the train, so you have to feel so comfortable in all this long distance.

Wear a comfy scarf and wrap it in a very simple way, do not put many layers on your head, do not put many pins on it.

A simple light weight shoes as well, Sneakers are must have footwear during travel, this will gives you easy movement and more comfort.

A good travel bag must have a zip top. No women want her contents spilled across the floor, so you should check for it. Enjoy traveling and have a safe trip.