What to wear when traveling to Dahab and Sharm el-shaeikh

Planning your next spring vacation? If you don’t have Egypt’s Red Sea most magical beaches and top natural attractions as well as national parks and resorts in your travel bucket list by now, you’re missing the time of your life!

Egypt’s most famous beaches in Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, and Hurghada were put amongst the world’s greatest beaches.
Indulge yourself with as many water sports and activities as your heart and strength can take. The list is so long ranging from major adrenalin rush activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing to more relaxed ones such as snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, banana boating and pedal boating.

 Four-hour fishing, snorkeling and diving sea trip is a trip from another world experience to enjoy the beauties of the Red Sea. Glass boats and half sub-marines are another kind of sea trips to feast your eyes on the fascinating sea life of unique coral reeves.

Hurghada Bedouin safari and the fascinating colored canyon in Sharm el-Shaeikh are exquisite natural attractions for desert camping and hiking as well as camel riding and biking. For thriller seekers you’ll find your goal in the Blue hole in Dahab which is one of the gems of all diving heavens on earth.

 Snorkeling in Ras Mohamed which is a natural conservation for coral reeves and sea life is a family-friendly sea activity. It’s one in a life time experience spending a 7-hour safari taking in all the charm and beauty of Sinai nature as well as the mood and grandeur of the sunrise and sunset.

As you go crazy with all these fantastic tours arranging the itinerary of such an amazing trip, preparing your vacation wear is of no less importance. Don’t worry it’ll take simple tweaks to come up in full style for wonderful photos worthy of wowing your friends in your Instagram feed.

As you enjoy the warmth of the sun by the golden Red Sea beach keep your outfits of natural fabrics, bright colored themes and free flowing styles. Open Kaftan dresses of bright hues such as golden yellow or sunflower blue paired with your skinnies in white are fit for chilling out.

Maxi dresses in free flowing styles and boho prints are figure flattering and are easy to assemble outfits. Match your turban or hat to your maxi dresses is an extra styling point for another easy going vacation collection.

For extremely exciting safaris wrap a scarf to protect your skin and your sunscreen is your best friend on this trip. For a crazy fun banana boat trip, opt for your fashion forward swimsuit and tie a bright colored wild prints around your waist.
To explore the charm of the Red Sea of Egypt in style keep on scrolling for more outfit ideas fit for the greatest vacation.

About the author; This article was written by guest author Riham selim.