What’s new in makeup and hair for 2017


Makeup artists just gave us a hint of what’s new in 2017; the makeup technique will completely be different from the previous year.  The hair style as well will be changed to different styles and colors.  Let’s see some of these trends!




Natural eyebrows instead of the painted ones.





Doll like eyelashes are in, natural ones are out.





Glossy lipstick will replace matte lipstick.





For hair tightly coiled hair instead of messy style.





Fine curls instead of the retro waves.





Tranquil colors for your hair instead of ultra bright ones.





An even facial tone instead of the contouring.





Bright mascara instead of pastel tones.



A bright French style manicure instead of a moon manicure.






Berry colored lipsticks instead of wine shades.


We all know that the bob and the lob haircut are very popular this season! But making a decision is not an easy task. Do you hesitate in cutting your hair? If yes because you are afraid of losing those long curls, than you don’t need to worry because they will grow fast when the tired ends get cuts. If you said yes but you don’t know which haircut can suit your face shape, then see this trick and you will take your decision.

What you need is a pencil and a ruler; put the pencil under your chin in vertical way which can meet the ruler in horizontal way.

Take the measurement in which they met, if it’s less than 5.5 cm, then the very short cut will suit your face, and if the measurement gets more than that, so we recommend for you the bob or lob hair cut which will be just above your shoulder.



Yes or no to the latest hair trend – pearl hair ?

That’s all for today. Enjoy the new trends.