White pants styling ideas


White pants are great for a laid back comfy look and for creating a marine look. Women can pair them with tops, unite them with cognac or tan belt and for the outwear you can wear a blazer, paired with silk blouse and can also be great with small dresses.

The white denim is such a spanking new and up to date item; the white pants have become the latest essential in our wardrobe. If you don’t know what to wear, just pick your white denim and combine it with a top, dress, blouse or jacket.

There are just so many techniques to wear the white pants and today I’d like to draw attention to a few alternatives. Olive green and white denim are such a nice color combination, and the white jeans balance the outfit, making this a perfect outfit for casual day. White skinny jeans with white top, dark blazer, gold accessories and a pop of color with the handbag will look so summery. Another option is wearing the white pants with a simple navy shirt tucked into pants, and set off by a colorful belt.

The perfect white pants are made of thicker cotton so not so transparent and have the perfect rise for your body shape. They are so easy to combine with many of my tops and great to wear with belts. Enjoy the styling ideas.

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