Winter colorful coats with hijab


Who says that in winter we should wear dark colors! That’s an old fashion quote; but now in our times the colorful outfits are attracting us more than the dark tones. In winter the weather lean to be cold, the sky is grey and sometimes it rain; so we need to wear bright outfits to make us cheerful and happy. In this collection we will see how to wear pop bright colors with your hijab and in cozy way too.

Let’s compromise from the beginning that grey, camel and black are the most popular colors in every winter season, and they are always on fashion and they are must have items in our winter wardrobe. But we need to break the rules and to wear something bright in the cold winter days from time to another.

We can see that the red trench coats are gaining a lot of satisfaction among the hijabi girls, and they wear it in different ways too. The olive army coats are also in huge trend this season; they are very popular and they go well with black, beige and dark red.  You can create a smart chic military style with an army coat and a chunky scarf in tartan style.

Weather the coat you are wearing in bright color or in dark one; you have to make sure that you are feeling cozy and warm. Enjoy the hijab fashion outfits.