Winter hijab street styles by leena Asaad


Cozy and comfort outfits are a must have for your winter into spring transitional wardrobe. Nothing loves winter more than a cozy cable knit cardigans.

They are comfy classic and very versatile, that can take you from day to night in a new trendy street look. Wear it inside while cuddling up with a warm cup of tea, or have it top off any ensemble for the perfect winter look.

With Leena Asaad you can see how she wears lovely outfits with simple and chic head wraps! Head wraps and turtlenecks will make up most of your winter fashion.

Layering is the key to your winter wardrobe from fall through spring, and it is necessary to layer in winter so you can go from chilly temperatures outside to the heating system keeping pace in the surroundings in your office.

Leena looks are more styled, but they are still casual elegance when the sweater and beautiful high heel pumps are added. The heeled pumps are a little unexpected and that can change an outfit from great into a home run.

Love the contrasting colors by Leena Asaad, it really makes her outfits stand out yet it is also delicate with the neutral colors. The thing that makes it be noticeable is the fur vests because it suits the cold weather a lot.

Enjoy the stylish winter looks by Leena Asaad.

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