Women’s Everyday Cycling Shoes

As more and more people take to cycling all over town to get to work or a leisurely place, or simply having a way to and from home, you’ll definitely see a lot of women taking up the cycling community. Chances are, you’ll spot a lady riding her bike wearing—of all things—heels. Now, this may seem like that woman is wanting have the best of both worlds: a love of cycling and a love for fashion. However, the stiffer sole of the heel has proven to make pedaling more efficient than a regular shoe. And it’s with this assurance that women can dominant the streets with their bikes. Want to give it a try the next time you ride? Make sure you consider these tips, when selecting your shoes, and then using them on your next bike ride.

Having the right shoe matters

 Surprisingly enough, biking in heels is a lot more comfortable, than just walking in heels. However, a female bike-rider can never go wrong in selecting the right pair of shoes for her commute. She needs to choose a pair that she’ll have no problems with on the ride. If she’s 100% comfortable in one pair, then she must use them. If not, then she must choose something else. The bottom line here is convenience and ease, since that’s the norm in transportation nowadays.

Ride on the Balls of your Feet

Riding on the balls of your feet can be beneficial to cycling for a couple of reasons. Women find it more comfortable riding in this way, because it doesn’t strain their footing; rather, it feels as if they’re wearing regular biking shoes. Anyone who rides in clipless pedals knows how to ride on the balls of their feet. In addition, riding in this fashion allows you to build the muscles on your calf, but again, without the strain. But remember to adjust and readjust your riding style, as needed, so that pedaling on the balls of your feet is easy for you. And, be mindful not hooking the heel over the pedal’s back and letting your bike speed up; you’ll break your shoes heel by doing so.

The Tucking Method

The tucking method is the recommended way of pedaling with heels, as told by experienced heel-cyclists, who say that it’s the equivalent to pedaling a paddleboat. But keep in mind: This method is not for everyone, especially if your shoes are prone to being eaten up by everyday wear-and-tear. With that said, you’ll need tough heels for this method, as well as smooth bike pedals that won’t cause wear-and-tear on your shoes. The best solution is to have heels/shoes with a grippy sole, so that you don’t slip off the pedal.

Don’t Be Afraid!

 Biking attracts a lot of people. The initial reaction from spectators tends to be ‘Wow! That looks cool!’ and ‘How does she manage to do that?’ when they see a woman sporting heels on her ride. When she rides in heels, she’s portraying herself as dominating and sophisticating. So, don’t be afraid to sport your favorite style shoes, while you’re cycling. Not only that, but dress comfortably as you would off the bike. You don’t have to be restricted to gym wear. Though, keep in mind that the wardrobe has to still facilitate the ride. And don’t forget to stay upright on the bike, so that you don’t sweat much. You don’t want to send people the wrong message, and have them see you uncomfortable with the ride, when it comes to attire.


Cycling in heels may seem uncommon and bizarre at first. But if you were to check out how women are riding around town these days, you may be surprised to see that it’s not a stigma to ride in heels. The number one thing to remember is to make sure that your shoes of choice—heels, cycling shoes, etc.—are 100% comfortable for you to wear; and that you utilize the right methods of pedaling for your cycling commute, so that you don’t strain yourself. Once you master this freestyle way of cycling, you’ll be free-roaming on your bike, while never sacrificing your taste in style. Happy riding!

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